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How to automatically update our themes

Warning: Always backup your changes and always try to use the child theme for modifications. That way you will not loose them when you change something.

Here is how to update the Newspaper theme automatically:


  • Step 2 – Upload and activate the envato wordpress toolkit plugin (.zip file that you downloaded)


    • Step 3 – Get your new api key – to generate an API key, select Settings from the account dropdown, then navigate to the API Keys tab


  • Step 4 – Go to Envato Toolkit Menu and add your Themeforest Username and the API Key that you generated from your account in the required fields. Save your settings


  • If you have problems with the update check Skip Theme Backup checkbox

Envato Toolkit Update Theme

  • Step 5 – Update the theme

updated theme

  • Step 6 – Choose Activate the theme
Activate theme Current theme
  • Step 7 – Update the plugins. The theme required and recommended plugins are included in the theme package inside the ../Newspaper-tf/plugins folder.