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Custom ad spots

The theme auto detects the default Google AdSense and the custom banners that respect the structure provided in the documentation and making them responsive automatically. Each ad spot has one box where you can insert the ad code. Please read below how to setup a Custom ad.

You can define 5 different custom ad spots. You can use the tagDiv Ad Box widget to place each of the custom ads wherever you want on your page.

To create a Custom Ad go to Newsmag > Theme Panel > Ads and open the Custom ad Section you desire (one of the 5 available in the Theme panel).

Step 1Add your AdSense code in the required area.

Step 2Choose if you want to deactivate your AdSense on different devices.

Step 3Specify the size of AdSense for different devices or leave it to Auto and the theme will automatically resize the AdSense.

After you finished customizing the Custom Ad click on the Save Setting button.


After you defined the custom ad spots use them via:

A. Visual Composer builder and integrate them in pages.

Step 1Enable Visual Composer, then press plus icon to add new elements and search for Ad box element and select it.

Step 2 – From the dropdown menu select your custom ad spot that you created before in the Theme panel and Save changes.

Step 3 – Move the element where you want to be positioned on the page.

B. Widget in sidebar area

Step 1 – Go to Appearance > Widgets  and add [tagDiv] Ad Box in the desired location (Footer1, Footer 2, Footer 3 or Sidebar area)

Step 2 – Select the custom ad you have previously created

Step 3 – Choose a title for you ad block.

Remember to click the Save Settings button.



Example how the Custom ad can look in your page.

This was added using A. Visual Composer builder method illustrated above.