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Newspaper V 3.1 Update

Support for custom Google AdSense ™ ads is back

After we released V3.0 it was clear to us that you guys (and girls) want to customize the google adsense size. We now provide a drop down with all the available google ad sizes and you can size them on each device or leave the theme to size them automatically.




More articles popup box


The admin panel of the “More Article Box”:

As always we provide grate flexibility here. You can show articles by same tag, same category, same author with the current article or random or latest. Also the number of articles and the module used to display them is user changeable.




Four new content blocks

We finally managed to add the remaining modules as blocks. Now all the modules except for 1 and 7 are available as blocks.




Three new ad spots

You can use the custom ad spots in sidebars via our [tagdiv] ad box widget, via shortcode or via php code.




In content ads (inline) – option to float the ad (left right center)

If you have a google ad, it will be auto sized to best fit the content and the floating section. If you want custom sizes you can do that too.




RTL support

This is our first rtl implementation. We are waiting feedback and if there are any issues we will fix them asap.