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Newspaper v 3.7

We updated to the latest version of the pagebuilder and from now one the pagebuilder comes as a plugin.

To update to v 3.7 please follow this steps

  1. Upload the new theme or the patch over your existing theme.
  2. Please make sure to delete the /newspaper/wpbakery folder from after you update the theme.
  3. Install the required pagebuilder plugin

*** If you use Child Theme, you need to activate the parent theme to install the plugin..

On your Dashboard the theme will require to install WPBakery Visual Composer plugin. Click on Begin installing plugin


Install the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin.


Then Activate the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin.


 Read the full instructions for a new install here

Update log:

  • updated the pagebuilder to the latest version
  • added on Twitter share via @sitename
  • added new sort order for Blocks: <strong>Random posts Today</strong>
  • added new sort order for Blocks: <strong>Random posts from last 7 Day</strong>
  • added half and quarter stars to the Reviews feature
  • fix Google plus social counter proble, when number bigger then 999 only first digit was displayed in some cases
  • fixing color of the search string in the search page
  • fixed social counter for Vimeo
  • fixed the last 7 days popular counter
  • fixed speed booster plugin issue with themes that are not made by us
  • fixed panel issue with multiple subcategories (3 levels deep)
  • fixed customizer issues on wp 3.9