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Offset feature

This feature removes duplicate posts from the page and it works with pagination (including load more button and infinite load). The offset parameter actually tells the block to skip a number of posts. It only skips the posts from the selected category, you need to have the same category on all blocks from the page or page area where you want to eliminate the duplicate posts.

If you don’t use pagination you can try the Unique Articles function, read more about it here – link


If you have for example three blocks and they display posts from the same category you will notice that they display the same posts.

To fix this you have to add an offset value so that block 2 skips the posts displayed by the first block and block 3 skips the posts displayed by the first two blocks.

offset 2

In this example you can see that we use the same category(Fashion) and the following parameters:

  • Block 1 – displays 5 posts and we didn’t add any offset (we left the offset box empty)
  • Block 2 – displays 6 posts and the offset is set to 5 (it skips the posts displayed on Block 1)
  • Block 3 – displays 10 posts and the offset is set to 11 (it skips the 5 + 6 posts displayed on Block 1 and Block 2)