The Theme API

In this section we will present the new theme API system which brings theme customization to a new level and allows users to modify or add new elements like single templates, smart lists, thumbs, modules, blocks, header styles, category templates, footer templates.

This section requires basic html/css/php knowledge, we will not explain the syntax elements which are present in the code. If you’re a beginner we suggest that you look for tutorials or professional training before trying to use this feature.

The system can be used from tagDiv Composer, a plugin or child theme and it comes with the following methods:

  • add() – allows you to add a new element
  • update() – allows you to update the entire parameters of an existing element
  • update_key() – updates one parameter of an existing element
  • delete() – deletes an existing element

The classes are defined inside\legacy\common\includes\td_wp_booster_functions.php

The theme default elements are defined inside\legacy\[theme_name]\includes\td_config.php