Page templates

In this section you can learn about the structure and functionality of the page templates.

The theme comes with a few predefined page templates, that can be used on any page. You can set them from the Page Attributes panel:

Newsmag theme: Page templates

Default template

When you create a new page the theme automatically sets it to use the default template. This is the most flexible template because it doesn’t come with any predefined element. You can use Visual Composer to define the structure and the page elements.


Pagebuilder + latest articles + pagination

This template automatically brings the Latest Articles section and places it at after the Visual Composer (Page Builder) content area.


This section can be configured from the “Homepage latest articles” panel which appears after the Visual Composer section, on the left side. The options are similar to the ones present on blocks. The Latest Articles section comes with numeric pagination.


Pagebuilder + page title

It’s similar to the default template, but it automatically adds the page title on top of the Visual Composer (Page Builder) content area.