tagDiv slider gallery

With a unique design and the lightbox feature integrated, this amazing gallery was built to enhance your articles’ value. It can accommodate different aspect ratio and each image displays a description and the copyright information.

IMPORTANT Please make sure you enable those thumbs used by the tagDiv Slide Gallery.

Go to Theme Panel -> Block Settings -> Thumbs on modules & blocks and enable 80×60 and 0 x 420

To create an image slide gallery follow this steps:

1. Click Add Media button.



2. From the Media page click the Create Gallery link.
3. Select the images that will be displayed in this gallery.
4. Click the Create a new gallery button



5. From Gallery Type drop-down select TagDiv Slider Gallery
6. Drag and drop to reorder the images if you want.
7. Press Insert Gallery button



8. If you want to edit the gallery click on the Pencil Icon
9. Press Publish/Update button.



Now you should have a Gallery like this: