How to activate the theme

Activate the theme using the Envato Purchase Code. We are very sorry that the theme requires this additional step but we implement this feature to better serve our paying customers. The theme activation message typically shows up after 3 days of usage.

When you activate the theme:

  • The theme will not overwrite any settings
  • The theme doesn’t record any personal information
  • All warnings will go away and you will have an activated product

You can activate the theme on multiple locations, the same purchase key can be used to activate your development copies and also the live version of your theme.

The theme activation message looks like this:

To activate the theme:

  • Step 1 – Go to Activate Theme.
  • Step 2 – Enter your Envato Purchase Code in the required area.
  • Step 3 –  Press Activate Theme button.


Step 4: Create a forum account adding a username, email, password and confirmation details

Note: If you already have a forum user created, the last prompt will not be available.