With Newsmag any visitor can share your articles on their favorite social network. Two share areas are available on the page of each article: article top share icons and article bottom share icons.



You can control the display for each area from Theme Panel > Post Settings > Sharing:


  • Top article sharing – Show or hide the top article sharing on single post
  • Top article like/tweet – Show or hide the top article like/tweet on single post
  • Bottom article sharing – Show or hide the bottom article sharing on post
  • Bottom article like/tweet – Show or hide the bottom article like/tweet on post
  • Twitter username – This will be used in the tweet for the via parameter. The site name will be used if no twitter username is provided. Do not include the @

Mobile sharing

On mobiles, beside the default share icons you will also notice the Whatsapp share icon, this one appears only on mobile phones.