How to use Visual Composer plugin

When you are creating a new page or new sections please use only these 3 blue highlighted columns.

To ensure that your blocks will look and work perfectly.

  1. Full width
  2. Column with sidebar
  3. 3 columns



Visual Composer is working only on Pages and will help you to create amazing and unique layouts using our predefined templates or using your own creativity.

Predefined Layouts

When you create a New Page you can easily select one of the predefined layouts depending on your needs.

This will help you in two ways:

  1. to understand how our layouts are created
  2. to create professional pages very fast


Creating Your Own Layout

You can create your own layouts starting by adding columns with blocks on the page, or customizing our predefined layouts with news blocks.

Notice: Use only those 3 blue highlighted columns when you add blocks on the page.

To add new block:

  1. Click the plus sign
  2. Select the block that you want to use from the pop-up window.




Save Your Layouts

You can save the new layout so you can reuse it later.

  1. Select the Layout Icon
  2. Write a name for your Template
  3. Save Template

Now you can use the created template on a new page, by opening this window again and selecting your template form the list.



Visual Composer doesn’t display all blocks

In some cases, after an update, you may notice that Visual Composer doesn’t include all blocks.



To fix this check if the they are enabled in Visual Composer > User Roles, if they are not you can enable them manually and save the settings. The missing blocks should now be available.