More articles box

]More Article Box appears when a user scrolls on a single post at least 400px. The box appears in the right bottom corner and it can show one or more posts related with the current one. To learn more about this function please read below.

To enable this feature go to Theme panel > Post Settings and expand the More Article Box section. Click enable More Articles button and Save Settings.

If you want to change the default behavior of the MORE STORIES BOX use the following options:

  • Distance from the top – This is the distance from the top that user have to scroll down, before the window will appear, default value is 400px
  • Display articles – You can choose what articles should be displayed from the dropdown box. You can display the Latest Article, From Same Category, From Post Tags, From Same Author or Random
  • Article display view – You can select a module type that will define the way your article list will be displayed
  • Number of Posts – This option sets the number of post to be displayed in more article box
  • Disable time – If the user closes the More Articles box, this is the time (in days) to wait before seeing the box again

After you finished customizing this section please click on the Save Setting button.



Newsmag theme: More article box