Installing demos

The Newsmag Theme comes with 14 unique designs for your website. Our demos were carefully tested so you don’t have to create everything from scratch, just choose a template,  click, and you’re done.

Preview / Install demo

You can preview the desired demo before installing it. Go to Newsmag > Install demos section. There, you will find all the available demos. Choose the one you like and click on the Preview button to preview a demo or the Install button to install a demo.


Include / Exclude content

You can install a demo importing all settings and content, or just the settings. Go to Newsmag > Install demos section. Choose the one you like and turn the Include content setting ON or OFF.

  • When this option is ON, the demo will also install content (posts, categories, menus, etc.).
  • When this option is OFF, the demo will just include the predefined settings.

include content demos

***Important notice: If you choose to install a demo with content, do not edit the content and use it as your site content, because the demo content will be removed when uninstalling or switching demos.

Uninstalling demos

If you decide to change the demo or uninstall it, the import system will make sure that your website is clean: no additional sidebars, menus or content. It will leave your website just like it was before you installed the demo.

To uninstall a demo, go to Newsmag > Install demos section. Click on the Uninstall button.

unsitall demos