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Smart Lists

Everyone likes smart lists! We all love the short version of something that allows us to get to the point without wasting a lot of time on the way to the essential. Newsmag brings you beautiful new smart list templates designed to increase engagement on your website.

How to set a smart list

1. Create a New Post

2. Write your Smart List Content – the post content must have a certain structure:

  • Title (use h3 tag)
  • Image
  • Description

Note 1: The Smart List will use the title to generate the list. In our example we are using Heading 3 for Titles. To be able to generate the list, we need to set the smart list to use the same heading (H3).

You can choose any size you want from Heading 1 to Heading 6

Note 2: Place the image and the text on separate lines and don’t set an align right on the image, let it on default align settings.

3. Post Settings – from Post Template we recommend to use Style 7. This post template will not display Featured Image on Single Post.

4. Select Your Smart List Style – at the bottom of your post editing section open the Post Settings >Smart List tab and select the desired smart list tab.

5. Publish Post – save/update post and check the result.


Smart List Style 1

smart_list_1 View Demo

Smart List Style 2

smart_list_2 View Demo



Smart List Style 3

smart_list_3 View Demo

Smart List Style 4

smart_list_4 View Demo



Smart List Style 5

td_smart_list_5 View Demo

Smart List Style 6

td_smart_list_6 View Demo



Smart List Style 7

td_smart_list_7 View Demo

Smart List Style 8

td_smart_list_8 View Demo