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Top bar templates

The top bar is located in the top section of the header and gives you the option to display the weather, current date, sign in/join, top menu and social icons sections.


Top bar templates options

This section comes with multiple customization options, you can find them in Newsmag > Theme Panel > Header > Top Bar.

The Top Bar theme panel section contains the following options:

  1. Enable top bar –  The theme comes with the Top Bar enabled by default.
  2. Top bar layout – chose the order in which the top bar elements are displayed.
  3. Show Top Menu – This option allows you to enable or disable menu in top bar.
  4. Select the top menu – You can decide what menu you want to display on the top bar section.
  5. Show social icons – In top bar you can add Social Icons. The social icons can be configured from Newsmag > Theme Panel > Social Networks
  6. Show Sign in / Join – In top bar  you can add Social Icons.
  7. Show date – You can display date in the top bar.
  8. Date format – After you decide to add date in the top bar, just type the desired format to display it.
  9. Javascript date – Enable this if you use a cache plugin, it displays the local data.
  10. Show weather – Hide or show the weather info in the top menu
  11. Location – Find your location – You can use “city name” (ex: London) or “city name, country code” (ex: London, uk)
  12. Units – Choose what units to use when showing the temperature

After you finished customizing this section click the Save Settings button.