How to make the site faster

The demo uses the tagDiv speed booster plugin – basically that plugin will make the theme use the compressed javascript file from the theme (instead of the regular one) and it also moves all the stylesheets and javascripts (codes) to the bottom of the page. This may break compatibility with some wordpress plugins (the ones that we recommend when you install the theme are well tested and work perfectly).

The list of speed recommendations:

  • we recommend that you use W3 total cache with just the full page cache module enabled (NO JAVASCIPT MINIFIER !!!).
  • you can also use the APC full page cache if you have a lot of ram on your server

If you have a dedicated server / VPS:

  • make sure that you have APC installed or another ‘op cache’ for php. This will reduce your server response time.We have receive some reports that the accelerator has some problems in some specific configurations with our theme and Nginx.
  • make sure that you have compression enabled on your site for html/js/css but not for images
  • Leverage browser caching google page speed requires that you set an expiring cache of 7 days or more

If you are on a shared hosting or a low power VPS, please update to a more powerful server for better speeds.

For any questions go here: . Radu will be answer to all the questions about site speed.

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