Bookmark – Save For Later

The theme now includes bookmarks in version 12.4, which has been a long-requested feature. The ability to bookmark favorite articles and custom post types has been added for users to utilize at a later time.

How to set the Bookmarks element

To Bookmark element is available in: Single Post Template, CPT Templates, and Modules Builder; also on the Flex Blocks. From Flex Block 1 through Flex Block 5, as well as on Flex Loop Builder and Flex Block Builder, where it may be set using the Modules Builder, it can be enabled.
The bookmark on blocks

To view your bookmarks, use the Header Bookmark element

Use the Header Bookmark element from tagDiv Composer to show the articles or custom post types that have been added to the bookmarks. This element should be set in the header to be seen throughout the entire website. This element will show the number of articles added to bookmarks.
header bookmark
Header Bookmark

How to view bookmarks-saved articles

Create a new page and add a Flex Block element that can be filtered using the filter option “Show bookmark posts only“, from the Filter tab in order to view the articles from the bookmarks. The page link may then be set on the Header Bookmark element in the header to direct users to the desired page.
Show bookmark posts only
Filter – Show bookmark posts only
Similarly to this, any Flex Block from tagDiv Composer can use the Filters tab’s “Show bookmark posts only” option to display the bookmarked articles.