How to setup Twitch for Social Counter

Twitch is an interactive live-streaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, “in real life” streams, and more.

You must have a Twitch account. To create one, click here.

Twitch Client ID and Client Secret are required when connecting to Social Counter.

Configuring Twitch social connection

Log in with your credentials at  Twitch Developers Console.

  1. Click on the  “Register Your Application” button.

    Register Your Application
    Register Your Application
  2. Start by set to your new application a name and a category. You must also include the “OAuth Redirect URLs”
    Create the new application

    When you’ve finished all of the above, click the “Create” button.

  3. Select the “Manage” button.
  4. Select the “New Secret” button.

    The Client ID and Client Secret
  5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.
  6. Go to the Theme Panel -> Social/APIS and paste them.

    Add the Client ID and Client Secret in Theme Panel