The tagDiv Opt-In Builder also brings new shortcodes listed in the tagDiv Composer page builder, so you can customize and personalize the pages related to the subscription and membership capabilities.

New tagDiv Opt-In Builder Shortcodes in tagDiv Composer

1. Leads – this element allows you to place a subscription box to add new prospects to your database. The information will be stocked under the Leads-Emails and Leads-Lists sections of the tagDiv Opt-in Builder.

Leads Shortcode

2. Menu Login – this shortcode is a login form placed on the menu of your site and allows the user to see data from My Account, Account Details, Subscriptions, and the Log Out option.
3. Page Checkout – this element brings a predesigned checkout page that includes payment and billing details to complete the subscription process.
4. Plans Button –  allows you to customize which type of plan should the checkout page follow. You can edit the layout and style, as well.
5. Plans Price – it’s an element that allows you to customize the pricing plan and choose the one created in your tagDiv Opt-In Builder > Subscription tab.
6. Plans Text Switcher – with this element, you can place a static text; if you add a static text, the annual and monthly plan text  become unavailable.
7. Plans Switcher – this element allows you to place a switching button for your pricing plans. It’s easy to turn on and off the yearly or monthly pricing plan.
8. Page Account – displays the panel that contains all the user’s information, such as account settings, active subscriptions, and logout.
9. Page Login/Register – this shortcode allows your visitors can login into their member accounts or create a new account.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder New Shortcodes

Exclusive Badge and Filtering Options

Furthermore, we have added new filtering options that allows you to display the content on a specific element by combining existing filters with the Exclusive one.

Show exclusive filter
Show exclusive content – Filtering options
Exclusive Content Badge
Exclusive Content Badge