tagDiv Opt-In Builder

Opt-In form plugins are helpful marketing tools, designed to help building a solid subscriber base. The tagDiv Opt-In Builder is available starting with Newspaper version 11.2 and it is created to help you show the content you want, and lock portions of the content that match several criteria. When you install and activate the tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin, you can easily build a stronger subscriber list that can allow you turn your audience into potential buyers.

The tagDiv Opt-In Builder can be updated independently of the theme. When a new update is available, you’ll be notified in the theme. You can hit the button and install the latest version. For the full list of additions, please check out the tagDiv Opt-In Builder Changelog page.


New tagDiv Opt-In Version is Available
New tagDiv Opt-In Version Available

How to Install the tagDiv Opt-In Builder

tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin can help you collect real and relevant subscribers and build email lists you can further export by simply locking specific or full content of your website until your visitors unlock it by subscribing with their own email address.

Step 1 – Install and Activate the tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin

Step 2 – Activate the plugin.

Activate tagDiv Opt-In Builder
Activate tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin