Featured Image or Video

Featured Image

To set a Featured Image for your post just upload an image in the featured image post box.

This is the image that will be displayed at the beginning of your post and also on the pages as a preview image of that post.

Featured Image or video - Newspaper featured image


Featured Image - frontend


Featured Image on pages

Featured Video

Featured Video will work only if you are using Video Format. To set it for your post just place your YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Twitter video link in the required featured video post box.

The Video Format is perfect if you have a video and you want to show it at the beginning of your post.

On pages, the video preview displayed will be generated automatically. After you update the post you can see the generated preview image in the Featured Image post box.

The Featured Video will be display on post only if you have set on single post template  the Single Post Featured Image and not the Single Post Bg Featured Image.

Featured Video - Newspaper Featured posts

Featured video on posts

Featured video preview on pages: Featured video or image