How to use the Google Maps API

Please use the following steps to create and use a Google Maps API key:

  • Step 2: Create a new project – click on “Select project” and then click on “New project.” Type in your project name and click on “Create.”

  • Step 3: Access the API’s and Services menu item

  • Step 4: Select the project you created from the drop-down menu

  • Step 5: Once the project is selected, click on the “Library” tab.

  • Step 6: Click on “Maps JavaScript API”, “Places API” and select: “Enable”. Search about “Geocoding API”, click on it and select “Enable”.

  • Step 7: We have to create credentials for the new project, so click on the button “Create Credentials” -> API KEY.

  • Step 8: Copy the API code provided and paste it in the theme panel under SOCIAL/APIS.