Woo Brands

Easily display Brands on your WooCommerce shop with images. This new and exciting capability helps you create a great user experience by allowing visitors to notice the brands that are present in your shop and also to filter products by a specific brand.

Install the tagdiv Shop and WooCommerce plugins.

How to create the attribute Brands

Step 1 –  Access your product attributes, add new attribute and set the type as Image.

Add new attribute

The new attribute can be seen in the table from the right side.

Step 2 – Configure the brand terms: press the button Configure terms to add new terms for the attribute Brands

Attributes list

Step 3 –  Add how many brands you’ll like and upload different images for your terms.

Step 4 – Assign the brands to your products: Access Products – > All Products -> Edit a product from your list and you’ll find the settings in the bottom of the page in order to assign the brand.

Assign the attribute Brands

How to Use the attribute Brands

Step 1 – View the product and edit it with the TagDiv Composer, add the Woo Product Brand Image element and set the attribute Brands.

Woo Product Brand Image element


Step 2 –  Filter your products by the Brands attribute using the Woo Attribute Filters element from the TagDiv Composer.