Social Counter Styles on Newspaper

To increase the theme design flexibility even more we decided to add 10 Social Counter styles. Try them all and pick the one which works best for your project. The style can be set from the Social Counter element > Style tab settings:

Social Counter element
Social Counter element
Default style:
Style 1 – Default black:social-counter-style-1
Style 2 – Default with border:social-counter-style-2
Style 3 – Default colored circle:social-counter-style-3
Style 4 – Default colored square:social-counter-style-4
Style 5 – Boxes with space:social-counter-style-5
Style 6 – Full boxes:
Style 7 – Black boxes:social-counter-style-7
Style 8 – Boxes with border:social-counter-style-8
Style 9 – Colored circles:social-counter-style-9
Style 10 – Colored squares:social-counter-style-10