Coupon System

Coupons are a fantastic way to give your customers discounts and rewards, and they can increase traffic to your website.
You can now use a system of discounts for the new plans to keep your subscribers loyal.
The coupon system is available starting from tagdiv Opt-In Builder version 1.3.2.

Adding a coupon

To add a coupon:

  • Make sure you have the tagDiv Opt-In Builder activated.
  • Go to Opt-In Builder > Subscriptions -> Coupons.

Create a new coupon by selecting New coupon.

Opt-In Builder > Subscription > Coupons
Opt-In Builder > Subscription > Coupons
  • Coupon code > Since the code works as an identification and is used by customers to apply coupons and associated discounts, it must be unique.
    • Your code – Enter any alphanumeric code you wish.
  • Coupon amount > Depending on the kind of discount you select, the coupon amount can be a fixed number or a percent.
  • Type
    • Fixed discount – A fixed total discount for the subscription plan.
    • Percent discount – A percent discount for the subscription plan.
  • Usage limit > For coupons, you can specify a maximum number.
  • Start date > Date the coupon should start and can be used.
  • End date > Date when the coupon should stop working and expire.
Add new coupon
Add new coupon

Click “Add” when you’re done setting everything up to activate your discount.

Select a plan, include the discount in the checkout process, and the savings will be reflected.

Discount applied
Discount applied