Theme thumbs

When you decide to post content on your website, the theme automatically generates thumbnails from the featured image to display the content on your pages in an attractive way. To make your website faster, you can control which thumbnail is generated. To do this go to Theme Panel > Block Settings > Thumbs on Modules/Blocks and disable the unused ones to save space on your server:

Default thumbnail placeholder:

If the thumbnail image is not enabled for a specific module that you use, the module will show a default placeholder with the size of the image and instructions about how to enable the thumb for that module.


Modules and thumbs:



Module 1:

View Module 1 Demo

Image Size – 300 x 160px



Module 2:

View Module 2 Demo

Image Size – 324 x 160px



Module 3:

View Module 3 Demo

Image Size – 324 x 235px



Module 4:

View Module 4 Demo

Image Size – 324 x 235px



Module 5:

View Module 5 Demo

Image Size – 324 x 235px



Module 6:

View Module 6 Demo

Image Size – 100 x 70px



Module 7:

View Module 7 Demo

Image Size – 100 x 70px



Module 8:

View Module 8 Demo

Image Size – no thumb



Module 9:

View Module 9 Demo

Image Size – no thumb



Module 10:

View Module 10 Demo

Image Size – 218 x 150px



Module 11:

View Module 11 Demo

Image Size – 324 x 235px



Module 12:

View Module 12 Demo

Image Size – 696px width



Module 13:

View Module 13 Demo

Image Size – 696px width



Module 14:

View Module 14 Demo

Image Size – 696 x 385px



Module 15:

View Module 15 Demo

Module 15 will display the full post.

Image Size – 696px width



Module 16:

View Module 16 Demo

Image Size – “thumbnail”



Module 17:

View Module 17 Demo

Image Size – 696 x 385px



Module 18:

View Module 18 Demo

Image Size – 696 x 385px



Module 19:

View Module 19 Demo

Image Size – 534 x 462px


To display a post in multiple pages just add the Read More tag where your displayed content should end. The visitors will be able to read the rest of the article after they press Read More button.


Uploaded Image Size:

WordPress doesn’t have an upscale function, if you upload small images on modules which use thumbs that are larger than the uploaded image the original size will be used (the image will not be up-scaled), this is not ideal because blank space may appear around the thumb.

Aspect Ratio:

There’s no ideal image size for cropping, a part of the image will be lost due to aspect ratio differences. On the Newspaper theme some modules have a 16:9 aspect ratio, while others have one closer to 4:3.

Example 1: if you upload an image that has an aspect ratio close to 4:3 the cropping function will cut the bottom on thumbs which have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Example 2: if you upload a 16:9 image the function will cut a portion from the sides for the thumbs that have an a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Depending on the module used, the best solution is to experiment with different sizes and see which one offers the best results.



Function Used:

The theme uses the add_image_size() function, you can find all details about it on the codex and here.