Cloud Library Category Templates

Newspaper gives you the freedom to transform the category pages into creative interfaces that guide the visitors to the desired content. Now your interfaces will become even more beautiful by using the Cloud library templates for Category Pages.


The primary purpose of Categories is to organize your blog for readers. Use them to communicate the benefits of reading your articles and posts. Help the audience navigate your blog easily, find more interesting posts to read, and stick around for a while through Categories.

In order to install a Category template using the Cloud Library you will have to access your Dashboard and go to Cloud Templates, access the Category tab of the Cloud Library and select the desired template.

You can now import the desired layout you’ve selected. If the predefined layouts do not suit your needs or tastes you are free to create your own layout using the TagDiv Composer and editing the entire layout on a live preview.

In order to apply your template you will have to get into your Categories tab from Theme Panel and select the template. Don’t forget to save the settings !

You can now add elements to the page using drag and drop. Add:

  • Header categories list
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Page Title
  • Category Description
  • Posts Loop element
  • Authors Box
  • And anything else you can think of.