Cloudflare (CDN)

Cloudflare is a free CDN service which speeds up your website. It caches the heavy resources present on your site and it delivers them to your visitors from servers spread around the globe. In this guide, we will present how to configure this service in order to obtain the best results with our themes.

Cloudflare installation:

  • first create a Cloudflare account – here
  • this setup will not be covered by this guide, please check Cloudflare official guide – here

Cloudflare configuration:

  • log into your Cloudflare account
  • from DNS make sure that the traffic is routed through Cloudflare only for the areas which are accessible to the site visitors

Cloudflare DNS

  • on SSl/TLS you can enable the encryption. This option includes multiple options (full, flexible, strict);

  • the Firewall section allows you to set the security level and to set access rules for certain IPs or countries.

  • the Speed section comes with minification options.

  • Rocked Loader rule (when the option is enabled, make sure that this rule is set to avoid problems with tagDiv Composer, exclude “td_action=tdc”)
  • from Caching you can change the cache expiration time and you can purge the files(this will reset the cache and it will fetch a fresh version of those files from your web server)

Cloudflare CDN cache

This guide presents our case and for other situations, it may not be optimal. The rest of the settings are left to default, you can explore the Cloudflare documentation for more details about each area.