Installing Pre-built Websites

The Newspaper theme comes with over 120 unique designs for your website. Installing pre-built websites on your WordPress site is quickly! Our pre-built websites were carefully tested so you don’t have to create everything from scratch, just choose a template, a click and you’re done.

Preview / Installing Pre-built Websites:

You can preview the desired pre-built website before installing it. Go to Newspaper > Pre-built websites section. Here you will find all our available pre-built websites and you can choose the one you like. If you want to see the full pre-built website before installing it, click on the Preview icon.

When you’ve decided which pre-built website is your favorite, click on the Install button.

Newspaper theme: Installing pre-built websites

Pre-built Websites Requirements

Each particular pre-built website has it’s own required plugins to work properly. If the Install button on a pre-built website is grayed out, it means you do not have the needed plugin installed. Once you hover over the Install button, the theme displays an info box that tells you which plugin you should install from the Plugins section of the theme.

Newspaper Theme pre-built websites: Requirements

Include / Exclude Content:

The Newspaper theme allows you to install a pre-built website by importing the website’s content or the design only.

Go to Newspaper > Prebuilt websites section. Choose the one you like and turn to ON or OFF the Include content setting.

  • When this option is ON, the pre-built website will install all existing content (posts, categories, menus, etc.).
  • When this option is OFF, the pre-built website will include the predefined settings and design only.

Installing pre-built websites: Include content

VERY IMPORTANT! If you choose to install a pre-built website with content, do not edit the content and use it as your site content! The pre-built website content will get removed when uninstalling the theme or switching pre-built websites. If you want to keep the content as your own, please create a copy of the page and use the copy as your content.

Uninstall a Pre-built Website:

If you decide to change the pre-built website or uninstall it, the import system will make sure that your website is clean: no additional sidebars, menus or content. It will leave your website just like it was before you installed the pre-built website.

To uninstall a pre-built website go to NewspaperPrebuilt websites section. In the right side of the available categories, there’s a box that informs you which demo is currently installed. Click on the blue Uninstall button to remove the pre-built website.

Installing pre-built websites