tagDiv Slide Gallery

With a unique design and the lightbox feature integrated, this amazing slide gallery was built to enhance your articles’ value. It can accommodate different aspect ratio and each image displays a description and the copyright information.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please make sure you enable the thumbnails used by the tagDiv Slide Gallery.
  • Go to Theme Panel -> Block Settings -> Thumbs on modules & blocks and enable 80 x 60 and 0 x 420

How to Create an Image Slide Gallery

  • Step 1 – Place a new classic element on your post using the Gutenberg editor.

tagDiv Slide Gallery

  • Step 2 – Press the Add Media button

How to add media - tagDiv Slide Gallery

  • Step 3 – From the Media page click the Create Gallery link.
  • Step 4 –  Select the images that will be displayed in this gallery.
  • Step 5 –  Click the Create a new gallery button

How to Create your Slide Gallery

  • Step 5 – From the Gallery Type drop-down select TagDiv Slide Gallery
  • Step 6 –  Drag and drop to reorder the images if you want.
  • Step 7 –  Press Insert Gallery button.

Insert the gallery

  • Step 8 – If you want to edit the gallery click on the Pencil Icon
  • Step 9 – Press Publish/Update button.

Now, your Gallery should look like this:

tagDiv Slide Gallery - on the frontend

VERY IMPORTANT!  You can add the tagDiv Slide Gallery in a cloud template by using the element called “Column text” or “Text with title”! The steps are the same beginning with “Step 2 – Press the Add Media button” how it is presented above.