Newspaper theme documentation

Newspaper is the most versatile WordPress theme for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review website. This template was created to help you write articles and blog posts with ease. We added incredible features for a high-quality browsing experience from all types of devices.


Newspaper Theme WordPress News Magazine WebsitesNow, it’s so easy to make each website unique! Just capture the perfect combination of pages, posts, and categories layouts with Newspaper. The elegant design, clean coding, responsive layouts, intelligent ads, and spectacular grid system will make your digital experience smooth and rewarding.

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For the first time, Newspaper comes with a built-in structure dedicated to small screen users. The automatic optimization will boost your page loading speed creating a seamless, almost immersive experience for your mobile users.

The Newspaper theme is designed to work in the WordPress environment. Before we jump to the theme presentation we would like to provide some resources intended for users who are new to WordPress but it may also be useful for the more experienced users.

WordPress presentation:

WordPress Codex information:

  • Installation – WordPress is easy to install
  • Pages vs. posts – Understand the differences between posts and pages
  • Posts – The articles/posts represent the content
  • Manage categories – Structure your content using categories
  • Tags – Group posts which have similar content
  • Pages – They have multiple usages from homepage to contact, from blog page to presentation pages, etc.

WordPress Video tutorials:

Other resources:

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