General Options that May Interfere with the Newspaper Theme

There are a few cases where general options may interfere with the Newspaper WordPress theme. Let’s take a look at the most frequent ones:

Options that may interfere: Jetpack Toolbar

When the admin bar no longer displays the tagDiv Composer button and it looks like this:

General Options: WordPress Website ToolbarThis situation is generated by the “Enable the toolbar” option from the Jetpack plugin.

To disable the toolbar, go to Jetpack > Settings > Writing and disable the “Enable the toolbar” module.

Jetpack: Toolbar Options

Yoast SEO

If the Yoast SEO plugin is enabled and when you click on an author’s name you are redirected to the home page instead of the author’s page,  you have to check the “Author Archives” option in the plugin’s options. To avoid this situation, the Author Archive option must be enabled.

To activate the option go to Yoast SEO > Search Appearance > Archives > Author Archives.

Yoast SEO: Author Archive Options


Using the Newspaper theme with the BuddyPress plugin for your social network platform, you need to use the “BuddyPress Legacy” template. It can be set from Settings > BuddyPress > Options.

Options May Interfere: BuddyPress Options

.htaccess deny from all

When the WP Editor from tagDiv Composer is not loading, and the error  appears in the browser console, it seems that the .htaccess file that contains a deny code. This usually is set in each WordPress subfolder.Options May Interfere: WP Editor 403 Forbidden

Example for subfolders containing .htaccess: wp-content, wp-content/plugins.

Options May Interfere: htaccess deny for all

You should check all the .htaccess files and remove the deny code. Now, check out the WP Editor, as it should work as expected.

Object Cache on Backend

When you make some settings in the Newspaper Theme Panel and save them, but when you refresh the page the modifications do not seem applied. When the old settings are still available it could be a situation generated by the object cache on the backend.

This can be added by a plugin or it can be a hosting option. You’ll need to identify the source that causes the object cache.

  • Hosting – the option needs to be disabled so the object cache can be cleared.
  • Object Cache Option from host Plugins – they must be deactivated and the file created by them, named “object-cache.php” must be deleted.

Object Cache file


Sometimes, an error message appears while editing a page set as homepage with the tagDiv Composer. If you set another page as homepage and the page builder works perfectly, one possible explanation would be the ModSecurity option from the cPanel.
tagDiv Composer: Error Editing MessageIf the ModSecurity option is enabled for your site, you have to disable it and try again to edit the page set as your homepage. It should work as expected.

cPanel: ModSecurity Option

ModSecurity: Disable option for your domains

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