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Instagram Widget in Newspaper WordPress Theme

Available on: Newspaper v7+

They say an image worth a thousand words. And they are right! The images revolutionized humanity and defined the digital era. Each image has the power to tell a unique story expressing things which can hardly be described in words. With this in mind we have build a beautiful, yet elegant Instagram Widget to bring your spectacular image and share them on your website. Just add the Instagram id and amaze your visitors with stunning images and unforgettable emotions!


How do i set the Instagram Widget?

It can be added on pages or inside the widget area as a sidebar element. The widget/block settings include:

Instagram ID

  • Enter the ID as it appears after the instagram url (ex. http://www.instagram.com/myID)

Instagram header

  • Display or hide the Instagram header section (default: On)
  • It contains user information like the Instagram profile image, username, number of followers and the “Follow” button

Number of images per row

  • Set the number of images displayed on each row (default is 3)

Number of rows

  • Set on how many rows to display the images (default is 1)

Image gap

  • Set a gap between images (default: No gap)