Header styles

Newspaper currently offers 15 different Header Styles, each with its own unique design. Every layout comes with a logo spot which powers up your web identity and a custom ad spot to maximize your income.

Important: On every style, you can change the colors, opacity, and fonts. If you have a background set on the current page or site-wide, the headers will adapt to give you the best result.

How To Setup The Header:

Step 1 – Navigate to Newspaper > Theme panel > Header style to access the header options. You will see 7 sections.

Step 2 – Expand the Header Style section and select the desired Header template. All options will automatically load based on your selection.

Step 3 – Click the Save Setting button

12 style to choose from:

Style 1 – Default


Style 2 – Top menus


Style 3 – Boxed dark menu


Style 4 – Boxed dark menu with logo


Style 5 – Full dark menu with logo


Style 6 – Boxed dark menu on right with logo


Style 7 – Hybrid menu on right with logo


Style 8 – Hybrid menu 2


Style 9 – Full logo on top


Style 10 – Full logo on top + center menu


Style 11 – Top menus + bottom full menu


Style 12 – Top colored menu with logo


Style 1 Multipurpose – Menu buttons + left menu


Style 2 Multipurpose – Menu buttons + center menu


Style 3 Multipurpose – Menu buttons + right menu